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We’re on baby-watch for our friend Jeff Kurkjian of The Andie Summers Show. He and his wife Emily are expecting their first child – a baby girl named McKinley Hope – and we couldn’t be more excited! While having a baby is a magical time, especially when it’s your first, there is so much that happens to a mother’s body during pregnancy and delivery that no one talks about. Once that little one enters the world, we have an idea that it’s all about the baby, but so much of it should be about the mom. That’s why postpartum items are so important.

If you’ve never had a child, you may not realize how long it takes your body to get back to the shape and condition you were in before you became pregnant. If that ever even happens! Our bellies stretch, our boobs grow, our hips spread, and I won’t get into what happens in the nether regions.  

But, please. Don’t think I’m complaining. I loved being pregnant with my kiddos. I gained 70 pounds with my daughter. Yep. That’s a lot. But only about 20 with my son three years later. After he was born, I nursed and went back to work, had a toddler to chase around, and lost all the baby weight I had put on three years earlier. Yay for me! But that was short lived. Once my hormones balanced out, I put weight back on a little too easily. And I’ve continued to live a roller coaster of weight for the past 12 years.  

Again, no complaints. I realize I’m a superhero for creating life in my abdomen and, by some stroke of God, have been able to raise those kids into amazing humans.  

So far. 

Back to the point. Postpartum items are important. Creating, carrying, and then delivering a baby (or multiples) take an absolute toll on your body. And when you have your first, you don’t realize everything that’s available to you that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Let us help you! We asked our listeners for their suggestions of what are the postpartum items you couldn’t have done without. Here’s what we came up with …  

  • Upside Down Peri Bottle

    Gah! Where was this when I had my kiddos? Mama will leave the hospital with a squeezy bottle to use for cleansing her undercarriage. This one has an upside-down, ergonomic design that will make using it so much easier. 

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  • Firming Lotion

    Your body goes through so much when you give birth. The stretching and pulling of pregnancy and childbirth can really mess up your skin. This firming lotion helps your skin feel good and get back to “normal.” 

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  • Comfy Nursing PJs

    I love a good set of pajamas. I love to feel pretty when I’m lounging around the house and when I go to bed. But when you’re not getting enough sleep and your running to feed and burp and change your baby every 20 minutes, it can be hard to feel pretty. These jammies will do the trick. 

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  • Pretty Nursing Nightgown

    Again, I love to feel pretty in my pjs, and this nightgown is feminine and utilitarian. It’s soft, it stretches, and it has buttons for baby’s easy access to nurse.  

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  • Perineal Cooling Pad Liners

    Reduce swelling. Speed up healing. These are made for you, Mama.

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  • Nipple Butter

    Feeding, pumping, swelling, all of it. Your nipples go through it all when you have a baby. The last thing you want them to be is uncomfortable. Keep them moisturized with this nipple butter that’s safe for you and baby. 

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  • Belly Recovery Wrap

    I’ve seen celebrities wrap their bellies after giving birth. They say it helps to reduce swelling of their organs and get everything back to where it should be. I didn’t use this, but I did love wearing anything that gently supported by belly even after I had my kids. This looks like a dream. 

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  • Sitz Bath

    Lansinoh is a company that’s been around for a long time for a good reason. They get it. When your body needs healing, a Sitz bath is calling. Add these salts to your tub, enjoy the scent of lavender, and allow yourself to relax and heal. 

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  • Postpartum Journal

    I love that this is called a “Grace Guide.” We can often forget to live with grace after going through a trauma like childbirth and that can lead to depression. Let this grace guide ease you into your new life with good vibes and appreciation. 

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  • Hair Scarf

    You’re not going to wash your hair for days. Maybe the first week. Maybe longer. Babies have a sixth sense and they cry as soon as the water hits your skin. You need this hair scarf to cover your nasty hair that you 100% will have.  

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  • Disposable Underwear

    Don’t hate your body for all that happens after you deliver your baby. Embrace the changes, acknowledge what’s happening, and be kind to yourself. You need these undies. 

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