SZA Releases New Song ‘Saturn’

SZA released a new five-pack for her song "Saturn." The singer surprised fans Thursday night (Feb. 22) when she released "Saturn" along with five variations, including a main, acapella, instrumental, live, and sped-up versions. She previewed the song during a Mastercard commercial during the Grammys. She followed up with an online-only performance for the award show the following day. SZA was the most-nominated artist at the Grammys and walked away with three trophies. The singer won Best R&B Song for "Snooze," Best Progressive R&B Album for SOS, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Ghost in the Machine" with Phoebe Bridgers. She performed at the Grammys for the first time since 2016. The singer performed hits "Snooze" and "Kill Bill." SZA Teases New Album Lana While fans are excited to hear a new offering by the New Jersey native, fans are still waiting for her new album Lana. The album is supposed to be a deluxe version of SOS. Back in September, she announced that Lana would be out by the end of the year. "So the deluxe is like a whole ‘nother album, and it’s called Lana. It’s seven to 10 songs, and it’ll be out this fall," SZA is heard saying in a fan-captured video at the show. However, SZA reportedly walked back on those statements during the event, admitting that "We don’t actually have a plan." "We’re just playing some songs off the deluxe, and we’re just gonna play a couple of songs you already know," the "Snooze" singer said. "It was really just — I just wanted to do something for free that was a vibe ’cause I was here in town. Literally, there’s no other point to this whatsoever." Back in December, she released six possible album covers, yet there is no word on when Lana is set to arrive. Listen to "Saturn" below: [select-gallery gallery_id="500220" syndication_name="sza-10-of-her-best-songs-ranked" description="no"]

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