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Being a pet owner is hard work. You are caring for another life and one that can’t speak for itself at that. While making sure your pet is happy and comfortable is incredibly important, we also know life can get busy. So is there a way to find comfort and happiness for your pet while simultaneously giving you a little break? We think so, and we have a few things that might help you do it. Here are 14 pet products that can help make your life a little easier.

  • 1) Automatic Feeders

    Let’s start with the basics. An automatic feeder can be great for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to set up specific portions for your pet. Any vet will tell you the best way to keep your pet healthy is to have their food portion based on their weight and the recommendation on your pet food package. Second, the feeder allows you to be out of the house and still make sure your pet is being fed. This is great for cats more so than dogs because dogs need to be let out of the house to use the bathroom. But if you’re pup is able to handle being home alone for a few hours while you go out for dinner or whatever occasion, this can be a big help in making sure they get their food at night.

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  • 2) Automatic Water Fountain

    I bought one of these for my cat a few Prime Days ago and let me just say I love it and so does she. My cat used to love drinking from my bathroom sink. Something about the running water made her happy. So, when I heard from folks that buying a water fountain for her was the best option, I was a little skeptical. But what I found is it’s incredibly convenient. This holds 2.5 liters of water which honestly lasts quite a while for her. It takes the daily maintenance of adding water to her bowl out of the equation and it’s very easy to clean.

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  • 3) Pet Water Bottle

    If you like taking your dog on a walk, you are probably also conscious of the fact that your pet needs water. That’s where these pet water bottles come into play. You can take them on your walks and give your pet that much-needed drink. This becomes a staple in my house during the summer. My dog is super thankful for it every time we take a walk in the hot sun.

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  • 4) MudBuster Portable Paw Cleaner

    Speaking of walks, we all have had those days when the dog comes rushing up to you all muddy. This MudBuster portable paw cleaner is here to make your life easier. You simply stick your pup’s paws inside and it helps pull the mud and dirt off their feet. Which makes it a whole lot easier. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

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  • 5) Lick Mats

    Not only are these great for giving your pet a treat, but they’re also good for distracting. We actually use the lick mat in my house for bath time. It gets my dog in the tub and it keeps her focused while I’m hosing her down.

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  • 6) Personalized Collar

    I have a dog and an outdoor and truthfully neither can keep their name tags for longer than a few weeks. This is why the moment I saw this I knew I needed to add it to my list. My life would be a million times easier and less stressful with these. The collars get personalized with your pet’s name and phone number! I know that microchips are very important, but if one of them gets lost outside nearby it would be super helpful if they could just pick up the phone and call me without having to take them to animal control or a shelter to look up the microchip.

  • 7) Petcube Bites 2 Lite

    Stay in the know while you’re away at work! These devices are brilliant and if you’re worried about your dog or cat and want to check in every now and then, this Petcube is a great option for you. The Bites 2 Lite model features a 160-degree lens, 2-way audio, and a treat dispenser!

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  • 8) Self-Cleaning Brush

    Okay, I know for most people it’s easy to clean the brushes after using them, but I like the fact that all I have to do is press the button on the brush a few times and the hair is at the end of the bristles ready for me to pull it off. To me, that’s a timesaver.

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  • 9) Car Seat Hammock

    Help your pup relax a little bit while they’re in your backseat. Not only will they be safer because there is less risk of them flying onto the floor, but this is also a much easier way to clean up. My dog sheds a lot when she’s in the car. She gets a lot of anxiety from car rides, but they’re necessary. So being able to quickly pull this up after she’s out of the car and do minimal spot cleaning is better for me.

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  • 10) Pet Hair Roller

    Speaking of clean up, if you need a tool for cleaning up pet hair more easily, look no further. This is a brilliant device and it’s super easy to use. Just roll it back and forth on your couch or other cloth surfaces and you will be cleaning up a ton of hair in no time. 

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  • 11) Pet Bath Robe

    If you’re giving baths at home, this bathrobe for your dog can be very helpful. Some dogs prefer air drying and that’s where this bathrobe comes in. This robe is designed to absorb a lot of water quickly, so even if you do plan on blow-drying your pet this adorable bathrobe can help you cut down on dry time.

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  • 12) Aquapaw Sprayer and Scrubber

    Speaking of bath time, this Aquapaw sprayer and scrubber is a great tool to have at bath time. It connects to your faucet and allows you to add water while you scrub in the soap products for your pet! It’s honestly brilliant and it definitely will help you save a little bit of time during those bathing sessions.

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  • 13) Personalized Treat Container

    Having one specific place for your pet’s treats is a great idea! I’m all about organization and keeping things together, so this treat container is perfect for me. Plus, I can put my pet’s name on it which I love, especially since I have two.

  • 14) Pup Box

    Pup Box is a great subscription service for those who are looking to give their pups a little happiness boost on a regular basis. If you love giving your pet new toys and treats, but don’t have time to search through the pet store for them, try Pup Box. The subscription box includes items that are handpicked based on your pup’s specific needs depending on their life stage. Each box includes 5-7 products and training tips. Everything from toys and treats to accessories and training essentials. Start by telling the Pup Box team a little bit about your pup and get something new every month!

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