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While the weather outside isn’t that frightful, just dreadfully hot, decorating for the holidays is always delightful.   

When you live in a spot where the weather is warm year-round, sometimes it might be hard for you to get into the holiday spirit, especially if you’ve lived somewhere before where the seasons change and there’s a chance for a white Christmas.

I’m from Florida but spent about eight years living in Pennsylvania, and it definitely feels more like the holiday season up north when the weather gets cold and the leaves are off the trees.  I’m not complaining about boat days in December, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a different vibe when it’s warm all winter long.

A lot of the typical holiday décor we see is geared towards the idea of Christmas in cold weather, with sleds and snow and winter gear.  If you’re not feeling the snowmen and penguins wrapped in scarves this year,  you might want to look for some warm-weather holiday décor that makes more sense for the climate where you live.

If you live somewhere where the weather doesn’t get too cold, an inflatable Santa in board shorts or a palm tree with Christmas lights makes perfect sense for the holidays.  And yes, we can swim in our pools year-round, so holiday-themed pool lights and Christmas wreath floats make perfect sense.

The time is now to get into the holiday spirit.  If the warm weather isn’t getting you into the mood, maybe some fun holiday additions with a warm weather flair will do the trick.

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