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I don’t know about you, but the only gift shopping I enjoy doing is for joke gifts. There are few things I love more than a White Elephant gift exchange. When it comes to serious, heartfelt gifts I’m never any good. So, this year I’ll be sticking to what I’m good at. I’ve found 9 hilarious gift exchange items for under $25!

Let’s be honest, what’s better than shopping for joke gifts? Finding funny gifts that are inexpensive. You don’t want to be spending $50 on a gift that they’ll never use! I understand it may be worth the laugh, but you can find that hilarious gift for much much cheaper. I promise you that!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is getting to enjoy White Elephant Gift Exchanges. If that term doesn’t ring a bell, it’s also commonly referred to as “Yankee Swap” or “Dirty Santa.” Whatever you and your family choose to call it works for me and I totally support that. However, henceforth I’ll just be calling it White Elephant. It can save us all some time, so we can continue on with our shopping.

Shopping can be difficult! It can be stressful and frustrating. So, why don’t you just relax? Let me handle it from here. I’ll do all the hunting and searching for funny gifts, and I’ll present you with options to choose from. You’ve already been working hard all holiday season. You deserve a break. Let me take it from here.

These gifts can be appreciated by anyone. The only requirement? A sense of humor would probably help here. I’ve found funny items that you can wear, play, or use to prank your loved ones! Come on, it’s not the holidays without a little fun. You’ve been nice all year, a little bit of naughty won’t hurt you. Let’s check out the hilarious gift exchange items I found for under $25! Happy shopping, and hope you find something you like!

  • Toilet Mini Golf Game

    By now, you should be familiar with the old saying, “everybody poops.” It’s true. However, not everybody uses that time to work on a skill. Now you can! Now, you can use your time wisely by working on your putts while you go to the bathroom. Do the math. That’s like an hour of practice a day!…Right?

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  • Throw Throw Burrito

    Like you, I come from a family that loves playing card games when we get together. However, the card games we play like Crazy Eights or Gin Rummy don’t hold a candle to Throw Throw Burrito. In ordinary cards, you sit there politely. With Throw Throw Burrito, you can chuck little burrito things at your opponent! It’s literally part of the game! It’s time to spice up your card games!

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  • Porta Potty Shot Glasses

    I almost called these “adorable” but I don’t think that’s the right word. Let’s just go with “awesome.” Ordinary shot glasses are just so boring. These are shot glasses that everyone can appreciate. How many of your friends or family can say they have taken a shot out of a porta potty? Well, now they can. Thanks to YOU!

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  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

    You see them driving by the car dealership, and now you can bring him home for yourself! Use it to get the party going, learn some new dance moves, or just get your neighbors attention. At 17 inches, it can fit pretty much anywhere! With this, you can turn your office into the break room.

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  • Comically Large Granny Panties

    One of the hardest parts about shopping for her is getting the size right. You don’t want to mistakenly go too big, or she’ll think you think she’s big. At the same time, you can’t buy too small because then she’ll feel fat and unflattering. It’s a difficult tight rope to walk! Which is why I end up buying her gift cards every year. She doesn’t ever seen excited to receive them, but I know deep down she appreciates it.

    So, instead of getting the size wrong and creating a problem where there never should have been, just buy these. They’re intentionally oversized and comically large because…obviously that’s not her size! Plus, it could double as an extra sheet during the winter months. More bang for your buck.

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  • Crapping Dogs Calendar

    Hey…what did we say earlier? That’s right. Everybody poops. However, not everybody owns a calendar of cute dogs going number two. This calendar allows you to combine comedy with cuteness, and that doesn’t happen often. “But I have a calendar on my phone!” Yeah, sure, but does it have pictures of puppies? I don’t think so.

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  • World's Smallest Violin Keychain

    You’re always ready for the moment with the World’s Smallest Violin Keychain! Friend telling a sad, boring, sappy story? Just hit play! Co-worker giving excuses? Hit play! You’ll never miss out on a good opportunity with this attached to your hip. You truly have instant comedy at your fingertips!

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  • Nicolas Cage Reversable Sequin Pillow Cover

    Now you see him…now you don’t. We all know Nicolas Cage is a National Treasure (pun intended). When you’re alone you can stare into those beautiful blue eyes. Company coming over? Rub his darling face and it turns into just your ordinary sequin pillow case. Nic is the internet’s darling, and I’m sure there’s someone in your circle who will appreciate this.

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  • Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box

    Say farewell to toilet paper! The Roto Wipe would be a wild gift to receive. Whomever you give it to will definitely be shocked and confused when they unwrap this. Thankfully, this is not a real product. When they go to open the box they will be relieved to see that it’s just another boring sweater. Phew.

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