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I am not a fan of many couples’ costumes.  I know that is a crazy first statement, but here’s why:  Most of them are lame or poorly designed.  It’s all fun and games until you have to go to the bathroom in your giant, bulky costume.  Even getting through a crowded party can be rough. These 13 couples’ costumes have a sense of humor or style or both.  MOST, not all, are not bulky.  If it is bulky, it’s only because I felt it was worth it.

I scoured page after page of couples’ costumes, swiping left on most.  I am not trying to be judgy, but you do not want to show up as ketchup and mustard unless you are putting a new spin on things. I also looked for costumes that didn’t look like they were cheap.  It doesn’t mean a costume can’t be affordable, but it shouldn’t have to look cheap to be affordable.

Price Range of Couples Costumes

There are some very affordable options and some higher-end costumes.  If you want to be Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, know that tuxedos come at a price.  These couples’ costumes range in price from less than $30 up to around $180, but the top end is a Scooby Doo costume set for the whole gang. Zoinks!

I hope you find something you like or at least some inspiration.  I LOVE Halloween.  This list was a lot of fun to put together.  Happy shopping and Happy Halloween!

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