Country music is full of families and superstars with husbands, wives, and kids who write about and share family events on social media. There are some single guys in country music, but only a few. One country star, Cole Swindell, was just taken off the market. He popped the question to his girlfriend Courtney Little in May on their way to Frisco, Texas, for the ACM Awards, where he won two awards. The couple will be married soon.

He posted to Instagram at the time, “Still couldn’t tell you everything I said down on one knee.. All I know is she said “YES”! We’re so excited!”

Many fans responded to the post, including one who wrote, “@coleswindell So happy for the both of you and your Dad is smiling so big right now looking down on you screaming in heaven ‘That’s my boy.’ God bless you both.”

Seee that post here.

Newcomer Bailey Zimmerman is single. Bailey recently told us that he’s been trying to find the right girl for him, but he has not found her. He said, “I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. There’s gonna be girls that come in, and you think that they might be around for a while, and then they do the craziest stuff, and then it breaks your heart, and then you go, ‘This is ridiculous, we’ve gotta write a song about this, dude.'”

Zimmerman added, “My love life has been very, very up and down. I thought I found something in 2022 a little bit, and then she ended up being the same way as the rest I’ve been in with. So, I’m looking. I feel like I’m good-looking enough to have a wife. But, hey, I’ll just let God plan that out and keep rocking and having fun. Hopefully, one day, though.”

There are few eligible bachelors in country music these days, but we found five of them.

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  • Bailey Zimmerman

    Bailey is currently Morgan Wallen’s opening act on his 2023 “One Night At A Time” stadium tour. Zimmerman, who is just 23 years old, told us recently just how his love life is going as his country music star continues to rise. He said, “Just speaking for me, my love life has been… It’s crazy. I believe in God like really, really heavy. I’ve learned that he is gonna show you things that you don’t think are gonna happen, like, ‘You’re gonna find this girl, and you think, ‘Oh, no, I might fall in love.’ Then all of a sudden, she breaks your heart, and you write another banger of a heartache song, and then you have no idea what God has next in store for you.”

    He doesn’t ever post about a girl on his social media, but he does seem to have fun every day.

  • Dustin Lynch

    Dustin went for years without a girlfriend, and then a few years ago, he found a woman named Kelli Seymour, who he thought was the one for him. They have since broken up, and Lynch told People at the time of the breakup that she “ghosted him.” He noted that he had no regret about the relationship and that “It was one of those ‘We didn’t survive quarantine’ relationships.” He said that through the relationship, he learned much about himself and what he wants in a future partner. From the looks of his social media, the country hitmaker has been going out with friends and may very well be searching for the new love of his life.

  • Chris Young

    Chris has made it clear that he keeps his personal life personal and does not disclose who he is dating at any given time. Earlier in his career, he dated fellow recording artist and Texas native Kristen Kelly. They broke up, and since he has not said who he may be dating. Young recently posted on Instagram that he has been working out and lost 60 pounds.

    Earlier this year, he told us of his love life, “I would go as far as use opposed (to speaking about it). I don’t talk about my personal life. I keep that separate. Some people do, and some people don’t; I do. I will say that, yeah, there are totally times when a relationship or a situation I’ve been in influences my songs, and I think that’s important because it comes from a place of realism. I can sing it and mean it.”

  • Riley Green

    Riley is one handsome guy. Many think his trademark unshaven look resembles the Marlboro Man from the 1970s. He’s single, and as far as we know, he’s eligible, although rumors are that he started a relationship with a girlfriend in 2022. A girl did appear for a time on his social media. For the most part, it looks like the most important woman in his life is his mom, whom he wished a happy birthday just last week. He wrote, “Happy birthday to the lady that drove me to guitar lessons every week and took me to the Chinese place in the mall. Love you, momma. #youareappreciated.”

  • Morgan Wallen

    Morgan does have a toddler son from a previous relationship, but for the most part, he’s single and one of country music’s most sought-after. He said in a recent interview, “I had a girlfriend for a while. Not recently. That was the last one I had. I don’t have anybody right now. It’s kind of hard. Just how busy I’ve been. I got a son, an album, a tour; I’ve got all these things I do.”

    He added, “It’s really hard for me to make time for that. I want to, though. I think I’m coming up on my ‘settle down phase.’ We’ll see. I’m not in a hurry.”

    Wallen doesn’t post much about his personal life on Instagram, but now and then, he posts a sweet photo of his son Indigo and his dad.

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