With the new trailer drop of Thor: Love and Thunder, fans of the Marvel movie series took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the highly anticipated flick, out in theaters this summer.

The trailer starts off with our beloved Korg (played by director Taika Waititi) sitting fireside in a cave with some children, saying, “Kids, get the popcorn out. Let me tell you the story of the Space Viking, Thor Odinson. He was no ordinary man. He was a god. After saving planet Earth for the 500th time, Thor set off on a new journey. He got in shape. He went from dad bod to god bod. And after all that, he reclaimed his title as the one and only Thor.”

That’s when we see someone else beckon Mjolnir (his hammer) — none other than Jane Foster (played by a buff Natalie Portman), much to Thor (Chris Hemsworth)’s surprise.

Watch the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, out July 8, below:

See what fans had to say about the official trailer below:

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