Everyone knows that Chuck the Freak loves a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but if there is one thing that he LOVES just as much, it’s greased up hunks joshing around in the wrestling ring!

With WWE SummerSlam coming to Detroit this August, the Freak himself took sometime to reminisce about some of his favorite entrances wrestlers made into the ring. Now we’re not talking just entrance music, we’re talking the entire moment.  The music, the crowd, all of it!

Some make the list because of the pop the crowd gave them, others just hold a special spot that is near and dear to his heart, and some are just plain really f**king cool. This one below is obviously Chucks favorite entrance of all time (it was made while he was going through a cowboy phase…)

Keep scrolling to see how his favorite pro’s do it!  What are some of your favorite professional wrestler entrances?

  • Sting Drops in From the Rafters!

    This is a pretty crazy way to enter the ring and also became a semi-regular thing for Sting.

    Macho Man Randy Savage is interfering in a match between Lex Luger and Scott Hall.  That’s when the Stinger makes a surprise entrance from the rafters and actually knocks Macho Man off the top rope.

    This moment is what began the feud between Macho Man and the NWO faction in WCW in the 90’s.

  • Seth 'Freakin' Rollins on the Raw After Wrestlemania

    Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins knows how to get attention from the WWE Universe.  He was at the top of his game on the Raw after Wrestlemania this year.

    This entrance is so good because not only is his wardrobe ridiculous, but he has the entire crowd singing his entrance music for him.

    He must have been on cloud 9 after his Wrestlemania win over Logan Paul because he looks like a deranged orchestra maestro as he leads instructs the crowd on the proper singing of his entrance into the ring.

  • Hulk Hogan turns heel and joins the NWO

    In one of the crazies heel turns in the history of professional wrestling, this had to make the list.  This was at Bash at the Beach back in 1996.

    Everyone assumed Hulkster was coming out to help Randy Savage from getting beaten up by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, that’s when he suddenly does the leg drop on an already battered Macho Man.

    WCW had teasing that Hall and Nash had a third member of their “bad boy” faction but no one knew who it was until this very moment!

  • Stone Cold Crashes Into The Ring With a Zamboni

    This is a classic WWE moment during the Attitude Era, and even better it happens at one of Chuck’s favorite spots to watch hockey.  The now torn down Joe Louis Arena in Detroit!

    Stone Cold Steve Austin literally crashes a party between Mr McMahon, The Undertaker, and Kane. He does it in the most “hockeytown” way imaginable too.

    He does it while driving a Zamboni! He eventually gets arrested, but this is one moment in WWE history that will live wrestling enthusiasts memories for a long time to come!

  • Cody Rhodes at Wrestlmania 39

    Cody Rhodes was ready to finish the story and become the undisputed WWE Champion and bring an end to the Roman Reigns and the Blood Lines rule of the company.

    This one hits perfectly, Rhodes rises from the floor to a spectacular burst of cheers and pyrotechnics.  Many people say Cody Rhodes will never be as popular with the crowd as he was on this night.

  • Bad Bunny at Backlash in Puerto Rico

    Bad Bunny who is a HUGE Latin pop star and also moonlights as a WWE Superstar was feuding with former friend Damian Priest.  You wouldn’t know that Bad Bunny wasn’t an actual pro wrestler for a living by watching.

    Listen to the hometown crowd in Puerto Rico erupt when his music hits and he starts marching to the ring for his ‘street fight’ against Priest. He even walks back to get his shopping cart filled with an assortment of weapons.

  • Chris Jericho makes his WWE Debut as Y2J

    This one takes us back to 1999…remember when we were all scared of the Y2K bug instead of COVID?

    Chris Jericho had worked for other wrestling companies like ECW and WCW but his debut on WWE is legendary. WWE had been mysteriously putting up a strange countdown clock and no one really knew what it was for.  Until one night in August, 1999 when the Rock came out to the ring to challenge the Big Show.

    He was interupted by the countdown clock which was approaching zero…that’s when Jericho makes his debut as Y2J.  Safe to say the Rock was not happy and Jericho begins a feud with another one of the best in the business!

  • CM Punk Makes His Debut for AEW in his Hometown

    In one of the worst kept secrets of all time…or all apart of the plan. Rumors of CM Punk joining AEW and coming back to professional wrestling where swirling a few summers ago. The hometown crowd and uber excited wrestling enthusiast nearly bring the self proclaimed “best in the world” to tears when he makes his debut for the All Elite Brand.

    This entrance made a few wrestling fans into memes and got Chuck all hot bothered to see one of his favorites return to the ring!

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