Bruce Springsteen fans are very angry about the ticket pricing for his upcoming tour with the E Street Band.

Per Varietymany fans were stunned by prices with some tickets going for upwards of $5,000.

“It was an introduction for many fans to Ticketmaster’s ‘dynamic pricing’ program, in which ‘platinum tickets’ — which may be placed anywhere in the arena, from the front section to the back rows — fluctuate in price, in what is said to be ongoing reaction to demand,” noted Variety. “The system lets ticket prices quickly rise to a level it’s believed resellers would get for them, keeping that extra money in-house for the artist and promoter. But as Wednesday’s ticket sales went on and went up, even some concert veterans who know and accept the idea of variable pricing wondered: Would even scalpers ask close to $5,000 for a good but not directly front-of-house seat?”

Neither Springsteen nor Ticketmaster has issued a statement on this matter, but that didn’t stop fans from sounding off on Twitter. Here are some notable reactions.

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