Darth Maul is scary! (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Who are the greatest Star Wars Villains of all-time? May The Fourth be with you and Happy Star Wars Day to all who celebrate! It’s one of the most anticipated days of the year for us here on Dave & Chuck The Freak. Thankfully, this year it falls on a Saturday otherwise we might have been without Chuck and Al for a show.

Decades later, the popular franchise remains an important part of pop culture. There have been new stand alone movies, new trilogies, TV shows, and more! To celebrate Star Wars Day, we put a list together of the 5 greatest Star Wars Villains of all-time. What did we get right? Who did we miss? Let’s dive in.

Are These The 5 Best Star Wars Villains?

There have been a lot of villains throughout the Star Wars movies and shows. Some are real bad, other villains are just troubled and lost. Hey, the Dark Side can do that to you. So, today we thought we would go Darksided in a different way than normal. Instead of “Darksided” being a story that ends up being more dark than expected, per usual, we’re simply joining the Dark Side for a day.

Honestly, sometimes the villains end up being the coolest character in a movie. That doesn’t mean we have to root for them, it just means some villains have that “it” factor that make the movie more enjoyable. Has any franchise ever had more notable villains than Star Wars? I don’t think so! The movies and shows do a great job developing the villains to have interesting backstories, character traits, and skills. They also tend to have some very unique (and awesome) weapons, as well.

With so many great Star Wars villains to consider, it was difficult to put a list together of the 5 best. Look, everyone’s list will look different. We’re all drawn to different characters for different reasons, and that’s okay! It’s great to have a debate and discussion–especially on days like Star Wars Day.

Of course, only naming 5 of the best Star Wars villains means we’re leaving some of the best off the list! Sorry, we could only include so many! That means we have to give props to some Honorable Mentions. Count Dooku did not make the list, but we wouldn’t want to mess with him. Additionally, the Sarlacc pit didn’t make the list even though it probably should have. Greedo should have made the list as a villain, because we know Han Shot First. I wanted to put Kylo Ren on the list because he was such a dynamic character, but he couldn’t top the villains that ended up making the list, so on the Honorable Mentions he shall stay.

So, don’t be shy! Did we miss your favorite Star Wars villains on the list? Check it out below!

  • Darth Vader

    Honestly, it would feel wrong to not have Darth Vader as number one on the list of Star Wars Villains. He’s the one who instantly comes to mind. We bring him up often on Dave & Chuck The Freak. We often rely on him for answers and insight to people’s problems. We’re putting Vader at number one.

  • Palpatine

    The second spot was more debated. I ended up putting Palpatine here because he seems to be involved in almost every Star Wars project. He’s everywhere! In some movies he’s old, some he’s younger and up-and-coming, and sometimes he’s just a figure. Either way, he’s always a bad dude. His impact on the Star Wars world earned him this spot. Plus, he was pretty bad ass. We would not want to mess with the Emperor and those lightning hands.

  • Darth Maul

    Yes, Episode I was terrible. However, there was one redeeming part of the movie: Darth Maul. That double-ended lightsaber, the interesting face, the horns! Darth Maul was very interesting and was a silver lining in that movie. That epic fight is one of the most entertaining sequences in the more recent movies!

  • Jabba The Hutt

    Look, you can’t talk iconic Star Wars villains without bringing up Jabba The Hutt. Years later, he’s still recognizable and a part of pop culture. Will he make everyone’s list of the best Star Wars villains? No, probably not. However, it felt wrong not including him on this list.

  • Boba Fett

    Technically, Boba Fett is a villain! Sure, he’s likable but we can’t forget that he is, indeed, considered a villain. He’s barely even in the original movies, but his popularity was insane! Everyone loved Boba Fett. So much so that we can tend to forget he’s not one of the good guys! For having such little screen time he made a big impact in the Star Wars world–especially with fans.