With the arrival of Fall, it’s time to consider the colors that will beautifully enhance your melanin glow during this season. We all have our go-to colors, styles, and fits that accentuate our unique features, and if you’re blessed with a rich, dark skin tone, there’s a stunning array of shades waiting to complement your beauty.

Many of us know that certain colors have the incredible ability to make our skin glow and just make us feel amazing. But let’s be real, sometimes adding those specific shades to our wardrobe can be a bit intimidating, even downright challenging. It often seems that mainstream fashion outlets miss the mark when it comes to recommending colors that truly complement darker complexions.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the best fashion colors to rock with your beautiful melanin-rich skin, you’re not alone in the quest for the perfect palette. Remember, we have the freedom to wear whatever we please, be it any style, color, or size. Whether we choose to cover our hair or flaunt our midriff, the decision is solely ours to make. No one else’s opinion should dictate your choices.

Choosing colors that go well with your melanin shade

There are three undertone shades, which are warm, cool, and neutral, according to Proven Skin Care. Understanding your skin’s undertone can be super helpful when picking out foundation or color schemes that enhance your melanin glow. This understanding can ensure that your complexion appears naturally refreshed and rejuvenated rather than pale and washed-out.

Maybelline New York, a global cosmetics brand, provides four straightforward methods to determine your skin undertone. First, there’s the vein test – check the veins on your forearm’s underside. If they appear slightly green, it suggests warm undertones. A bluish tint indicates cooler undertones. The jewelry test involves assessing whether gold or silver jewelry complements your skin better. They said gold often suits warm undertones, and silver tends to work well with cool undertones.

Then there’s the white cloth test. It entails placing a white fabric next to your makeup-free face and noting the undertone cast. Warm undertones may appear slightly yellowish and cool undertones might lean towards a bluish or pinkish hue. Lastly, they say to compare how white and off-white clothing pieces complement your skin tone with no makeup. If pure white enhances your look, you likely have warm undertones. If off-white suits you better, cool undertones are probable. If both shades seem equally flattering, you may have a neutral undertone.

At any time of the year, many colors pop against melanated skin. But as we ease into the cooler weather, let’s check out some shades that will make your melanin glow this Fall.

  • Red

    Some folks find red a bit intense, but the great thing is that there’s a red tone for everyone, especially if you have brown skin. Whether you lean toward a vibrant scarlet or a rich ruby, red hues tend to complement brown skin beautifully. Rihanna is always rocking the color red, be it in her hair or her outfit choices featured on her album covers. She even graced the Super Bowl halftime stage earlier this year, decked out in red.

  • Emerald

    Why not rock some emerald green clothing and tap into that gemstone vibe? Unlike some other greens, emerald is all about making a statement. It’s a bold and saturated color that looks fantastic on cool-toned dark skin. Emerald green has been a red carpet hit, with celebrities like Regina King, Ciara, LaKeith Stanfield, and more effortlessly slaying the vibrant hue.

  • Cobalt

    Cobalt is like that fancy, vibrant cousin of navy blue. It has a livelier vibe and can make your outfit feel more celebratory. This deep and rich blue shade, named after the element with the same intense color, works well for many skin tones, especially if you’ve got a deeper complexion.

  • Violet

    You can rock violet in all sorts of outfits, be it satin blouses, printed pants, or even a cool leather motorcycle jacket. It’s a color often associated with royalty and comes in various shades to match your vibe. Plus, violet adds a nice pop to deeper skin tones, giving your look some extra flair.

  • Pink

    Pink shades that are spot-on for those chillier days. From dresses in blush pink to pastel pink, ballerina pink, and even bold poppy pink, there’s a wide range to choose from. The beauty of it is that these blush tones truly complement dark skin, creating a contrast that pops.

  • Yellow

    Mustard yellow is a surefire way to add some pizzazz to your fall wardrobe. This deep, earthy tone beautifully complements melanin-rich skin and can be styled as a complete outfit or as a vibrant accent. When combined with darker neutrals, mustard yellow pieces bring warmth to your Fall wardrobe. Warm skin tones particularly shine in yellow hues, enhancing the natural undertones.

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