Shania Twain has been a mega star since the late 1990s when her The Woman In Me album took off and made her one of the best-selling female artists of all time. Shania is currently experiencing a resurgence of her incredible diamond artist-selling success, touring on her “2023 Queen of Me Tour,” and has been selling out arenas worldwide.

Having been in country music for over 25 years, I have interviewed Shania many times during her rise to superstardom. My very first interview with Twain was in March of 1995. It was at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, and at the time, Shania came to my room for the interview on her own. Not even a record label representative was with her. I opened the door when she knocked to see the then-unknown star wearing a smart red business suit.

At the time, I recall I could not even pronounce “Shania” and at the beginning of the interview, had to ask her how to say her name correctly. She was gracious about it. I remember telling my husband that night that I interviewed a new artist today and I really liked her.

She was kind and fun and even asked me after our 30-minute interview if she could hang out with me in my room until her next interview down the hall. During the interview, we discussed our mutual love for Dolly Parton and country music. She also told me about her goals at the time, and yes, she has fulfilled them beyond what she could have dreamed of.

I gathered twelve quotes from my interview with the beautiful lady who, at the time, I had no idea would be such a colossal superstar just a few years later.

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