Tampa + St. Petersburg Named Best Cities For Summer Jobs

It’s about that time of year when colleges let out, and people are looking for summer work. If they plan on spending the summer in the Tampa Bay area, they’ve come to the right place: according to WalletHub, both Tampa and St. Petersburg rank among the best cities for summer jobs this year. "Naturally, summer job opportunities will be more widely available in some places than in others, and while a job may pay well in one city, the same position may not pay as much in another," WalletHub explained. In order to determine which cities are best for summer part-time work this year, WalletHub identified 21 different indicators to compile an employment outlook. Each was scored and then categorized into a job youth market rank and a social environment and affordability rank. In total, 180 different greater city areas were measured here. St. Petersburg Ranked 7th, Tampa Ranked 11th As Best Cities For Summer Jobs Quite a strong showing for our region. St. Petersburg showed as the 6th best youth job market across the entire country. Tampa was 14th. Although we have two cities in the top 15, Orlando was the first Florida market to crack the list. The home of Disney World finished as the 5th best overall. Then, Fort Lauderdale and Cape Coral also ranked among the top 25. They scored as the 9th and 24th best summer job markets respectively. "In addition to good pay and good work conditions, the best cities for summer jobs also have attractive features like short commute times and fun activities to engage in outside of work," said WalletHub analyst Cassandra Hope, pointing out that certain places are still experiencing labor shortages. Many college graduates have wrapped up by this point in the spring. This means a good portion of students have or will be returning home looking to fill the summer months with productivity. In addition to seasonal gigs like being a camp counselor or tour guide, ZipRecruiter currently shows 252 summer jobs in Tampa that are currently posted. Many of them start at a compensation rate of $14 an hour at minimum. The opportunities cover a wide range of jobs, such as internships at technology companies, summer camp work, and partaking in community development programs. In St. Pete, ZipRecruiter shows 241 summer job descriptions. This area also offers various job types from coding, to homebuilding to non-profit work.

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