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Best and Worst Emojis for Dating and Flirting: List

If you're dating in 2022, then texting is likely going to be a big part of your, well, courtship. I mean, who talks on the phone anymore? It's all about texting and instant messaging that special someone to get to know them and set up a time to meet IRL. Now, a new report shows that new love often begins in a relationship via texting... with heavy use of emojis. But, what are the best and worst emojis to use when dating- or at least flirting? The report comes from the Adobe Future of Creativity: 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report. For the report, Adobe surveyed 5,000 U.S. emoji users to discover how they use emojis to get to know a potential significant other. The report discovered that 72% of U.S. emoji users say they definitely use emojis in dating or flirting messages. For a while, people were saying emojis were a thing of the past, but according to this new study, the younger generations use them the most. So, they're still hip. Adobe found 58% of Gen Zers and 54% of millennials said they would give a second and third date to someone who used emojis. Gen Zers, around 38% of them, also stated they wouldn't have a serious relationships with someone who doesn’t use emojis. What really stings, though, is when emojis are used to end things. According to the report, 32% of Gen Zers say they have actually been broken up with via emoji. Dagger to the heart. Read on for the full list of the best and worst emojis for dating according to Adobe, plus a few from yours truly.

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