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We’ve got some Jonas Brothers fever! Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas are about to embark on their 35-date North American tour. This tour, is going to be a bit different. Their newest record, The Album, will be the main feature. But like Taylor Swift with her Eras Tour, the Jonas Brothers will be featuring all of their albums. So we’ve found some great Jonas Brothers Must Haves that are going to knock your socks off.

If you grew up in the 2000s, then you probably remember how influential the Jonas Brothers were to your friend groups. You were either a Nick, Joe, or Kevin girl. And of course, the bonus Jonas that is their brother Frankie. But on a real note, Kevin girlies I think we can all agree you were the true unsung heroes for a while. The brothers starred in some iconic Disney Channel programs. We all remember Camp Rock and its sequel, right? Not to mention the Disney Channel TV series Jonas which probably altered our minds for the better.

After a hiatus as a group between 2010 and 2011 to pursue solo projects, the boys reunited in 2012 to record a new album. It was ultimately canceled following their break-up in 2013. Six long years later, the group reunited with the release of “Sucker” in 2019. Kevin, Joe, and Nick all got married during this time. Now, all three of the brothers have children with their wives.

In preparation for their tour, the trio staged a five-night run of intimate shows on Broadway in New York back in March. Each night, they played a different one of their albums in chronological order, ending with the live debut of The Album.

The Jonas Brothers are going on their Five Albums. One Night. The Tour is from August 12 to October 16. Fear not, Jonatics, for we have compiled the seven coolest Jonas Brothers Must Haves you’ll need to get the party started.

  • Nail Decals

    Want to share your love for the Jo-Bros for more than one night? These nail decals are just the thing to show off you’re going to see the trio in concert!

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  • Vintage Doodle Art Shirt

    How cute is this vintage-style doodle shirt of the Jonas Brothers? It comes in so many colors and styles if you want to change it to a hoodie or sweatshirt. The design is so eye-catching, you’re sure to have people ask where you got it from.

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  • Friendship Bracelets

    Join in on the fun of exchanging friendship bracelets when you go see the Jonas Brothers on their Five Albums. One Night. Tour! Choose between 1, a dozen, and 25 Jo-Bro-inspired bracelets.

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  • Drinking Glass

    This glassware is a must for any Jonas Brothers fan who is on the go. The design features a montage of all their eras and albums, making it a statement-making must-have.

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  • Jonas Brothers Crocs

    Travel in style and comfort with this adorable collage of Jonas Brothers-themed Crocs! Bring some vibrancy to your shoe game with these colorful Crocs that feature lyrics and song titles among the images of the Jo-Bros.

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  • Five Albums, One Night Sweatshirt

    When it comes to picking out tour merch, it’s so hard to decide on just one! That’s why we also included this super minimal double-sided printed sweatshirt. On the front, it simply reads: “Jonas Brothers. Five Albums. One Night.” On the back, it says the same thing, along with a list of their five albums stylized in their respective fonts and colors.

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  • Sucker For You Mug

    This might be the cutest mug we’ve ever laid eyes on. In a purple-colored bubbly graffiti font, the mug reads: Sucker For You with a cute little heart-shaped lollipop. The mug pops even more with a bright red handle and is lined on the inside with red as well.

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