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Father’s Day gifts are the perfect way to let Dad know how much you love him. Maybe you say it every day. Maybe it is understood but goes unsaid. Regardless, this is your day to let Dad know he is the MAN with one of these 13 perfectly personalized Father’s Day gift ideas! 

What Is a Father?

According to Merriam-Webster, a father is a male parent, or a man who has begotten an offspring. But you and I both know that a father is so much more than that. He is your role model, your mentor. Your father is your support system, your cheerleader. He is your coach, both on the field and off.  

My dad was all those things. He never missed one of my softball games or track meets or, God bless him, any play I acted in.  

When I was little, my dad coached my big sisters’ Little League team. They are only 18-months apart and I’m nearly 10-years younger, so I got pulled to all the practices and games and loved watching my dad coach his team. I remember, when he died, I told my mom and sisters that the girls he coached, now women, would come to his memorial. They found it hard to believe, but they were too close to it.

My Father the Coach

I had the unique ability to watch my father shape these young girls into good sportsmen. The lessons he taught them about being on time, hustling on and off the field, giving it your all, and forgiving yourself when you let yourself down – because we are all human. Those are lessons that shape an athlete. Lessons that make you the woman you become.  

They came. For hours they came. The line at my dad’s memorial went out the door and around the building. My mom, sisters, and I stood for hours laughing and crying with visitors who were touched by my dad’s influence in one way or another.  

13 Perfectly Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you have a story like that? Are you able to take a step back and see the influence your father has on you, your siblings, or even your children? Dads are magical. Show him how much he means to you this year with one or two of these perfectly personalized Father’s Day gift ideas.

  • Personalized Pocketknife 

    I know so many fathers who pass their pocketknifes down to their children. I have my dad’s and it means the world to me. Start the tradition by gifting this beautiful, personalized pocketknife to your father. Include his first name – or his last name so you can pass this beautiful momento down through the generations.  

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  • Personalized Dad Crewneck 

    You know Dad wears his heart on his sleeve. Make sure it includes the names of his most important assets! This crewneck is adorable whether you are buying it for a father or grandfather. It includes a customizable “established date” and the names of the kiddos embroidered on the sleeve.  

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  • Personalized Socks 

    If your dad really loves you, then he will absolutely love wearing you on his socks. You can personalize this footwear with photos of you, your siblings, or even your pet. And they come in a variety of colors, so you can make sure he has a pair for every outfit! 

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  • Dad’s Kids on a Hat! 

    Your dad will be so proud to wear his kids or grandkids on a hat! You can personalize these cuties by choosing skin color, hair style and color, sunglasses, clothing, and you can choose from one to four children. 

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  • Dad Frame

    Whether you are buying for a dad of littles or bigs, this frame is an absolute keeper. When ordering, you upload the photos and place them within the letters. You can use school photos, candids, or any photo you have a digital copy of!  There is also an option to add text at the bottom if you desire.     

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  • Custom Dad Shirt 

    This shirt just warms my heart. You upload your favorite father/son/daughter photo and let the magic happen. Dad will be thrilled to wear this personalized T-shirt and tell the story of the beautiful picture depicted on his chest. 

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  • Legendary T-Shirt 

    This is the best shirt for the grandfather that has it all … or doesn’t know that he has it yet! I love this tee for the grandfather who does not need his name, or his kids/grandkids listed for all to see. It is a cool way to celebrate milestones! But it is also a great way to announce to your dad that he is about to become a grandfather! 

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  • Fist Bump Keychain 

    This keychain is a great way to celebrate a dad and his kids. Just perfect for a grandfather (big fist) and each little fist represents one of his grandchildren … up to 7! Maybe the dad in your life doesn’t want to wear his kids but would prefer to carry them with him every day.  

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  • New Dad Book 

    If the dad in your life is a new dad, this is an affordable option to recreate every year or so. Get him this book that your child can personalize with the cutest answers to the prompts on each page. Year one can be filled out by mom, and as the child gets older, buy the book again and again with the child filling it out. Better than a card and so much fun to read in years to come.    

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  • Star Wars Dad 

    What Star Wars loving dad would not want his kids lit up like lightsabers? This personalized plaque is the perfect gift for the dad who has it all and wants to brag about his favorite beings. May the Force be with you, Dad! 

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  • Golf Dad

    Is the dad in your life a golfer? If so, he will love this shadow-box style plaque. “Papa” can be changed to Dad, Daddy, or Grandpa. Each golf ball represents another child, and you can add up to 9! That’s a lotta bogies! 

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  • All American Dad 

    This personalized American Flag plaque will look fantastic in Dad’s man-cave, garage, or right near his grill. Wherever you decide to hang it, he will beam when he sees his name and accomplishments emblazoned on the Stars and Stripes.  

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  • The Story of Dad 

    I may have saved the best for last. Does your dad love to tell stories? Or is he the guy that you have to pry information from? Either way, you will love having his stories documented in this beautiful book. It is a great gift for him to explore his memories and a wonderful gift that will be passed down through generations.  

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