Carrie Underwood has dipped her toes into rock waters a lot lately, from covering Ozzy Osbourne to performing with Guns N’ Roses. Now, she’s basically cannonballed her way into the fanbase for I Prevail.

I Prevail took to Twitter and shared about their third studio album True Power, “One month of โ€˜TRUE POWERโ€™. 56M streams. All thanks to you.” Underwood replied to the tweet with, “I think I was a large number of them! [laughing/crying emoji]”


Lead singer Brian Burkheiser replied to the country superstar with two prayer hand emojis and a grinning emoji.

Many I Prevail fans were surprised and also happy to see Underwood show the band some love on Twitter. Scroll below to see some notable and funny fan responses.

  • @SuperBumRush

    “Sure didn’t have ‘Carrie Underwood listens to I Prevail’ on my 2022 bingo card but I love it!”

  • @VicariousNick

    “Carrie listens to metal core? What a time to be alive”

  • @DevanPalumbo

    “Didn’t expect this tbh but hell yeah”

  • @SShads6661

    “Get at it @carrieunderwood I knew you had metal in you!!!”

  • @soundlink_trent

    “Also we need a Carrie emo era and a emo record”

  • @tschrenker

    “I feel like we need yโ€™all to collab ASAP”

  • @breezywanderer

  • @MasRenrav27

    “You’re a fan that’s awesome”

  • @FJordyn3

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