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Love is in the air! Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day out with a loved one, or spending the night in by yourself, chances are you’re going to watch some TV. Maybe it’ll be your favorite love movie. Or, maybe it’ll be a special Valentine’s Day episode of your favorite TV show. To celebrate the day of love, here are 5 of the greatest TV couples of all-time.

Of course, there have been many notable couples on the small screen over the years. However, these are some of my favorites. See who made the list below! Missing your favorite? Let us know!

5 Of The Greatest TV Couples Of All-Time

First, let me say it was tough narrowing this list down to only 5. On Dave & Chuck The Freak, we enjoy talking about popular shows. At least the ones we like. There have been so many good couples on TV over the years, it’s hard to pick just 5 of the greatest TV couples ever. However, I was able to pull it off.

Of course, narrowing it down to just 5 means some of our favorite couples didn’t make the cut. That’s not fair. For example, I love Phil and Claire Dunphy. I think they could be the modern it couple. Every dad wants to be Phil. Claire is also a great mom and super relatable in many ways. They’re both hilarious and make a great pair. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the Top 5. They probably would have made the Top 10, though!

Also, I’ll admit the list may be a little bias. While I enjoy watching as many TV shows as I can, and I have seen an impressive number, good and bad. However, I can’t watch everything. There have been some big shows over the years that have been insanely popular that I never ended up watching. Seriously, some of the biggest shows ever, I’m afraid to admit it.

So, I only considered couples from shows I was familiar with and had an impact on me, personally. Chances are I left out some of your favorites. Make sure to let us know who we missed! Check out the list of 5 of the greatest TV couples of all-time below!

  • Jim and Pam - The Office

    You can’t talk about the greatest TV couples of all-time without talking about Jim and Pam. They brought back the will they won’t they and captured the heart of America before they ended up getting married. Their wedding was one of the best TV has seen, too. So many great moments. Jim and Pam could be the greatest TV couple of all-time.

  • Ross and Rachel - Friends

    Anybody who has ever been on a break has felt their pain. Things weren’t always great and pretty between the two, but they always came back around. The story was always worth following and they sucked you in. You were always rooting for them to get back together. They’re definitely one of the best TV couples of all-time.

  • Marshall and Lily - How I Met Your Mother

    I loved the show. Were they my favorite? No. Were they the perfect couple? No. However, they proved they love each other through thick and thin. They had fun together. I think that’s important!

  • Eric and Donna - That 70s Show

    Selfishly, I had to include Eric and Donna on the list. Growing up, they were the couple I wanted to be. Their relationship seemed legit. They could count on each other. The two of them were always there for each other. Ah, young love. Sure, Kelso and Jackie were a more entertaining couple, but there was something special about Eric and Donna.

  • Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy

    Had to include a throwback. Simply can’t talk about the best TV couples of all-time without talking about Lucy and Ricky. They were nothing short of iconic. Even today they remain iconic. That’s hard to pull off! Their love has lasted over the decades.

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