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The People’s Choice Awards were tonight. I tried to watch some of it before quickly giving up. You think the Super Bowl is full or corporate nonsense? Wait until you see…basically every awards show. Here are 5 awards shows that have run their course.

Maybe it wasn’t always this way. There was a time these awards shows meant something. Today? I think things have changed.

5 Awards Shows That Have Run Their Course

Is it just me or does it all feel so forced? Sometimes, it seems like even the people winning the awards aren’t even having fun. It’s hard to blame them. It seems like there’s a new awards show every other day. Especially if you’re in country music. Seriously, every weekend I feel like I’m seeing an ad for the “biggest night in country music.” Every night can’t be the biggest night! That’s not how it works!

The TV awards have lost their appeal and can’t even get anyone to host them. Sorry, Jo Koi. Then, the music awards are either too common or just too typical. The same artists seem to win every year, it’s hard for us to care. Additionally, the big movie awards are often a bore. How often have you seen every movie nominated for Best Picture? Personally, when the list comes out that’s the first time I’ve heard of many of the movies! Maybe that’s partly on me, though.

Seriously, awards shows have gotten so bad that I feel like I look forward to the list of winners of the Razzies more than I do the Oscars! At least the Razzies are funny and entertaining. The Oscars is so meh. Good for them. However, we’re the ones who suffer.

So, here are 5 awards shows that have run their course. It’s time for something new and exciting. Get our attention again! It’s time for something different, before people stop caring all together.

  • The Academy Awards

    Like I said earlier, the winners aren’t always the most popular blockbusters. in fact, they rarely are. They tend to go to really artsy movies that are enjoyed by people who call movies “films.” I can’t blame them, that’s who it’s for. However, they need to think about the audience. Maybe add a best comedy movie? Best horror? That could be cool. I’d pay attention.

  • The Grammys

    It seems like the same people win every year. Sometimes I didn’t even know they released new music! It’s boring. Even the artists are starting to catch on and not care. They need to listen to the audience more. We want something fresh and new!

  • The Golden Globes

    They couldn’t find a host, then when they do people aren’t pleased and complain. There’s no winning. Sure, we could just let Ricky Gervais every year. I would like that. However, I think Hollywood would crumble. There’s no solution. Plus, the Emmys are the bigger deal, right?

  • The People's Choice Awards

    I didn’t even know this was on until I was channel surfing. I watched literally a minute before I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was a lot. Too much for me. Is this really what we’re voting for? Who are these People in question? I need answers. Adam Sandler won a big award and I still couldn’t bring myself to watch. That’s how bad they are!

  • MTV Video And Music Awards

    When’s the last time something cool happened at one of these? They used to be iconic! Artists with beef with meet up and collar and it would be insanely awesome. Or, celebrities would kiss on stage. You never knew what might happen! What happened to those days?

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