‘Raspberry Rally’ Girl Scout Cookies Are Selling On eBay For Crazy Prices

This is the Taylor Swift ticket situation all over again. Except this time instead of concert tickets, it's Girl Scout Cookies. If you want to try the new Raspberry Rally cookie, you'll need to pay up. Because they're already gone. Here's what happened. It's Girl Scout Cookie season and the scouts decided to toy with a new idea. They'd create a new cookie with limited supply and only make it available online. The cookie sounds absolutely amazing. It's like a thin mint but with raspberry dark chocolate. It sold out almost immediately. And just as fast, the Raspberry Rally cookies started popping up online on eBay and other resellers. According to 10tv "Cookie boxes and packaging are clearly marked “not for resale,” but that hasn't slowed anyone down. They're online, and with a significant markup. Now, if you just have to try the cookie, expect to pay in the neighborhood of $25 a box - after shipping. I did, however, see a 5 pack that looks to be going for around $100. That's for a box that was just $5 last week. It's likely the same type of people that have driven up concert ticket prices. Now they've done it with Girl Scout Cookies. In a statement to People, the Girl Scouts of the USA said they are "disappointed" about the "unauthorized resales." "While we are happy that there's such a strong demand for our cookies year-over-year, we're saddened that the platforms and the sellers are disregarding the core mission of the cookie program and are looking to make a profit off of the name without supporting our mission and the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world." According to The New York Times, eBay said that "while the company encouraged cookie fans to support their local Girl Scouts, the resale of the cookies did not violate the platform’s policies."

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