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Olivia Rodrigo Loves People Taking ‘Teenage Girl Music’ Seriously

Olivia Rodrigo is happy that her songs about teenage angst and heartbreak resonate with a demographic that isn't just teenage girls. "I’m really excited by the way that people are getting behind artists that normally would be deemed for young people,” she told People over the weekend. The 20-year-old pop star tells the publication that though she loves interacting with fans her age who are going through the same struggles she is going through in real-time, it has been those girls' dads who she's loved the feedback from. The "spicy Pisces" tells the publication that it's "super cool" dads of her fans would tell her things like, "'Wow, I remember when I was going through that heartbreak.'" When "Drivers License" came out, the singer-songwriter recalls that all sorts of people would come up to her and open up about "exactly where I was when I was experiencing that heartbreak for the first time." As a musician, the "vampire" singer feels more connected to her fans than ever. "It’s just such a cool thing to see that we’re all so much more alike than we are different,” she said, adding that it makes her feel less alone. "Everyone has experienced some sort of pain or loss and insecurity.’” She then noted that, in her estimation, people are starting to take what she called "teenage girl music" more seriously. [inlink id="olivia-rodrigo-good-girl" text="RELATED: Olivia Rodrigo on the Expectations of Her ‘Good Girl’ Persona"] Following the interview, The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series alum reposted on her Instagram Stories a video perfectly capturing the feelings she shared about her expanding fanbase. The video was from creator @pokemonmasterzo, who is a man, writing: "Me: why would I listen to music made for teenage girls?" Her track, "get him back!" plays as he starts to lip sync along to the song and adds: "Also me:" [select-gallery gallery_id="644884" syndication_name="2023-mtv-vma-red-carpet" description="no"]