Boston Is One Of The Most Expensive Date Night Cities

It goes, New York, then San Francisco, and Boston ranks a third when it comes to the cost of a night out. According to a recent report by The Loupe (by Shane Company), Boston is quite pricey for a date night in the city. "Whether you’re a homebody or a social butterfly, we’ve crunched the numbers to analyze the costs of multiple date night factors, including food, movies, booze, tips, fees, and rideshare in 50 of America’s largest cities," The Loupe explains. Furthermore, what this report highlights is that all is not lost if the expected cost of a date night out is more than you budgeted. They also compare what a date night "in" would be. As you can imagine, in most cases, it is significantly cheaper. A Boston Date Night By The Numbers The Loupe states that the average cost of a date night out in Boston will cost you approximately $176.73. However, if you want to stay in the same with the same company and simply get creative, you can have a night in for $39.79. That saves you almost $137. The factors considered for a date night include the average costs of take-out food, delivery, tips, fees, beer, and ice cream. New York was the only city to crack $200, with their typical date night out coming in at $202.30. San Francisco was only about $2 more than Boston at $179. 50 minutes south, however, is an entirely different story. The Loupe has Providence, Rhode Island as the second cheapest city in the country for a date night ($33.22). A night out around the town is certainly worth the extra spend at times. In addition, there's nothing wrong with grabbing the same type of food and relaxing within the confines of your own place. "Pull on your favorite sweatpants and get ready to give your wallet a break," The Loupe concludes. [select-listicle listicle_id="720839" syndication_name="tax-deductions-and-credits-that-could-save-you-big" description="yes"]

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